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Tip: On Praxitelous Kondyli street you can found the tourist office of olympia, where you can change money, get maps and schedules for buses etc.

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The whole region of Olympia is one filled with immense history and beauty, and it is not difficult to imagine the atmosphere of the ancient games all those many years ago. With the museum exhibiting a selection of findings from the area, Olympia truly is one of the most interesting and educational sites you will find in Ilia and the Peloponnese.

The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia is one of the most popular sites to visit in the Peloponnese. Birthplace to the Olympic Games, and the home of the Olympic Flame, Olympia is a site that every visitor to Ilia should make a visit to.Comprising of the ancient site, the stadium and the Olympia museum, there is so much to see and admire here, that visitors should give themselves at least half a day to truly begin to explore and experience ancient Olympia.

Attractions around Ancient Olympia

The Temple of Epikourios Apollo: located in the town of Nea Figali, is one of the most best preseved ancient temples to be found anywhere in Greece. This magnificent temple was created in approximately 420BC. It was built by the famous architectect Iktinos, who also built the stunning Parthenon temple that sits on the Acropolis of Athens. After Iktinos completed the Parthenon temple, he was exiled by the Athenians, and sent to Figali. The reason for this was that the Athenians did not want him building another temple that would rival that of the Parthenon.

Secretely however, Iktinos began the construction of the temple. The temple was built in the Doric style, similar to that of the Parthenon, but elements of the Corinthian style were also incorporated into the design. >> read more

Castle of Chlemoutsi: The best preserved Frankish castle of Peloponnese. It is situated at the top of a hill 250 m.high, called with the ancient name Helonata. The Chlemoutsi Castle is a very antique construction situated on a hill in the kastro kyllini region of Peloponnese. From this castle, visitors can enjoy an amazing view on the surroundings and observe the vegetation and rocky formations which have been witness of the history of the construction for many centuries. All those tourists who are fond of architecture, design, and history, should not miss meeting this construction while being in this area of Peloponnese
Local legends of Chlemoutsi: The brave king of Paliopoli (present-day Elis) fell in love with the queen of Chlemoutsi and she returned his feelings but a mysterious curse befell them: if they exposed themselves to light, they would immediately turn into marble. And so, he was called 'Sunless' and she was called 'Moonless', and they only met by way of a long underground tunnel, which connected Paliopoli to Chlemoutsi. However, daybreak caught Sunless once, as he was slipping back to his palace, and he instantly froze. Moonless has not stopped lamenting for her lover ever since, wandering through the depths of the castle on moonless nights, searching for him. If you listen carefully, you may hear her weep...
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Katakolon  is a small port located on western coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula close to Pyrgos city. It is a small port developed for the currant trade in 1857 but now used almost exclusively by cruise ships as a gateway to ancient Olympia.
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