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Modern town of Olympia is well suited to cater to the visitors with some very nice hotels, a lot of restaurants and tourist shops, and some nice beaches within a half hour drive. From Athens to Olympia is about 4.5 hours of driving so an overnight stay in the city is recommended

Local Attractions:
15 km from beach
25 km from the beach of Kaifa/Zacharo
45 km from the Medieval Castle at Klemoutsi
100 km from Epicurean Temple of Apollo, Andritsaina
Olympia map
Nearby Cities:
25 kilometers from Pyrgos
112 kilometers from Patra
100 kilometers from Kalamata Airport
360 kilometers from Athens Airport
The straggling modern village of Olympia is bisected by its one main street, Leoforos Kondili. The town has the usual assortment of tourist shops selling jewelry, T-shirts, and reproductions of ancient pottery and statues, as well as more than a dozen hotels and restaurants.

The ancient site of Olympia is an easily walkable 5-10 minutes south of the modern village, but if you have a car, you might as well drive: The road teems with tour buses and the walk is less than relaxing.