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Olympia Hotels
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Athens Greece 2010 all the informations about hotels history taxi transfers tours and more........
Olympia Greece Hotels
Drouva 1, Ancient Olympia
This attractive and well-kept building at the top of the Drouvas Hill in Ancient Olympia is located right next to the divine valley with its ancient monuments and Olympic stadium... read more & book
Modern town of Olympia is well suited to cater to the visitors with some very nice hotels. From Athens to Olympia is about 4.5 hours of driving so an overnight stay in the city is recommended
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Vacation Resort
What to take

In Summer, light clothing will suffice, but remember to include items with long sleeves and either trousers or a skirt so you can cover up respectably for visiting the churches. Through the rest of the year you will need warmer clothing. Be sure to take comfortable walking shoes.
Taxi Tip

If your taxi driver may say that your hotel is full, but that he knows a better and cheaper one. Laugh, and insist you'll take your chances at your hotel.
Types of accomodation in Greece:
Enjoying a lovely countryside setting in Olympia, Olympion Asty Hotel provides fantastic views of the area from its lovely outdoor the hotel offers free wireless internet access.. read more & book
Ancient Olympia
A family run hotel in Ancient Olympia. One of the first hotel in Ancient Olympia, completely renovated in 2004..
read more & book
Varela 2, Ancient Olympia (Ilia)
Hotel INOMAOS is a family owned hotel with reasonable prices..
read more & book
Varela 2, (Ancient) Olympia Greece
Hotel Hercules, in the center of the Ancient Olympia, the city in which the Olympic Games were born, a world wide historic event.. read more & book
Tsoureka 2, (Ancient) Olympia
The traditional pension Bacchus is located in the picturesque village of Ancient Pisa just 3km away from Ancient Olympia.
read more & book..read more & book
1.9 km Arhaia Pissa 10, Ancient Pissa
Olympian Village offer you luxurious bungalows, suites, rooms and family apartments surrounded by endless water and lush gardens, situated along a vast sandy expanse of the Ionian coast.. read more & book
17.1 km , Pyrgos Ilias
Hotels (ordinary hotels, traditional guesthouses, agrotourist lodgings, etc.).
Rooms to let
Apartments to let
Self-catering units (tourist residences and villas)
Youth hostels
Situated in the centre of Ancient Olympia within a 300 metre walk of the archaeological sites, this hotel offers all modern facilities in a calm and relaxed environment.. read more & book
Karamanli 1, Ancient Olympia